Ileana Mendez


I am so very excited to begin the year with the fabulous staff at Canyon Hills. I have no doubt that together we will empower our students to achieve at their greatest levels, and ensure that all teachers, students and families have a voice in decision making, and recognition for their amazing contributions.

I am new to El Paso and I have found this community to be loving, welcoming and extraordinarily helpful. Thank you all in advance for your feedback, commitment to our campus and for the values of integrity and work ethic that you are instilling in your children. As a mother, I know that it takes a village to raise a child, and I am honored to be entrusted with yours.

My life's work has been in education. First as a high school science teacher for new immigrants-where I learned to bridge the language gap for students to ensure they had equitable access to the full curriculum in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. My happiest times were attending graduation and seeing these hardworking students walking across the stage towards their future!

Then I broadened my scope of advocacy and outreach as a Science Curriculum and Instructional Specialist for the district. I worked with at risk student groups at multiple middle and high school campuses, as well as teacher and administrative teams to provide support in the areas of prescriptive and individualized student intervention protocols, instructional coaching and curriculum alignment.

When my daughter started kindergarten, I knew that I was ready for the next chapter in my journey for community empowerment through high  quality education. At the time, I was a single parent, and I knew that it was my duty to model for my daughter the scope of positive change for others that a compassionate, determined and educated woman could accomplish, not only for herself and her family but for her community as well.

I am so very excited for what the future will bring us here in EPISD!

With great respect,

Ileana Mendez