Mr. Justin Arnsworth

Welcome to Mr. Arnsworth's class at Canyon Hills Middle School.  

This year I will be teaching an integrated Math and Science class, combining Math and Science, in Cobra Tech Academy.  Our class will incorporate Problem Based Learning as a new way for students to learn and love mathematics.  Instead of the traditional teaching model where students take notes, do handouts, quizzes and exams, students will collaborate with other students to solve real life problems.  

I aim to break the sterotype that certain students are just not good at math.  Everyone can be good at math, some learners just require different strategies and a growth mindset.  This mindset means accepting that we won't be great at everything right away, but we will work everyday to be better.  

Math learning is only the tip of the iceberg in my class.  Students will learn and practice research, writing and public speaking. My goal is to create lifelong learners, glob 

Students will be graded on the following learning outcomes. 

Knowledge and Thinking
Oral Communication
Written Communication

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