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I am pleased to have your child in my Physical Education/Health class.  I have the unique role of developing health-related fitness competence and cognitive understanding about physical activity for your child so that they can adopt healthy and physically active lifestyles.

I am a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso with a B.S. in Physical Education.  I have been teaching with EPISD since 1989 and have been at Canyon Hills for the past seven years. I am married and have four children, my oldest is a graduate of Texas A&M University.  I have two sons, one is a freshman at Texas A&M University and one who attends Burges High school. I also have a daughter who will be a freshman at Burges this year. My wife teaches physical education at Ross Middle School.

Feel free to contact me at jxamezag@episd.org or at 236-6473.  

Gym/Room 315


The curriculum that is used in EPISD is called Quality Physical Education (QPE).  My class is structured in a way that promotes success for all students.  This is not an athletic period, but one that promotes wellness and fitness.  The class is based on individual ability and not solely on competitive games. Your child will learn many activities that they can use into their adult years.

LINK: District information regarding Physical Education

P.E. CLASSES                                                                                          


  1. All students must suit out when excused/recovering from injuries unless stated by a Physician or Nurse.
  2. If a student needs to be excused from P.E. class a parent must send a written note on the day to be excused.  The student needs to have the Nurse sign the P.E. excuse before coming to P.E. class.  DO NOT "CALL IN" OR "E-MAIL" A P.E. EXCUSE. 
  3. For extended P.E. excuses of more than 3 days, a written note is required from a Physician's Office licensed to practice in the State of Texas, stating the nature of impairment and the expected time for recovery.  This note must also be signed by the Nurse. This is district policy and no exceptions will be permitted.
  4. All students must earn a grade, if they cannot do any activity, they will be provided an alternate written assignments.
  5. If a student cannot participate in P.E. on a designated day(s), the student will not be allowed to participate in other school activities (cheerleading, football, basketball, volleyball, track, etc.) on that day.


  • Each student is to suit out daily in the required physical education uniform to include athletic shoes and socks.  Short length must be at least 9 inches.Wearing the P.E. uniform over the school uniform is NOT considered suiting out.

     P.E. uniforms must consist of the following:
    • Gray loose fitting cotton t-shirt - plain or gray Canyon Hills logo only (no tank tops, muscle shirts, or spaghetti straps)
    • Maroon or gray athletic shorts - plain or Canyon Hills logos only (no tight fitting running or yoga pants)
    • Sweatpants for the colder weather -gray - plain or Canyon Hills logo only
    • Sweatshirts for the colder weather -gray - plain or Canyon Hills logo only.
    • Athletic shoes and socks must be worn (no flats, open-toe, backless or dress shoes)