Serena Proffitt


Welcome to 8th grade Science. I have been at Canyon Hills for about 13 years. I came to Canyon Hills from teaching 5th grade at Wainwright Elementary School. I fell in love with teaching science and ,with a few years in social studies, that is what I have been teaching during my time here at Canyon Hills.

The expectations I have for students coming into 8th grade science is that they come prepared to work. That they are willing to THINK and try to be creative. I expect them to pay attention in class and to take science seriously. I expect work to done neatly and turned in on time. I expect my students to know how to follow directions and to keep their composition books neat and up to date. I do not appreciate horse play, back talk, or messing around in general.

 I have created a website for my class. Most of what we do in class will be on the web site along with my parent letter, supplies needed, and class schedule. Each unit has its own page.

My  conference period is during 4th period 10:18 - 11:03.


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